A downloadable game

RacingRun is a mobile infinit runner videogame by oil&water studio in which the player will drive with a procedurally generated road dodging various obstacles to try to get as far as possible


  • Alejandro Barrero - Testing 
  • Octavio Uriel Elia - Art 
  • Ricardo Jiménez - Audio
  • Leandro Sebastian Rodriguez - Programming 

This game was also possible thanks to the support of these professors:

  • Sergio Baretto
  • Federico Barra
  • Juan Pablo Bettini
  • Jorge Cuéllar
  • Fernando Puig
  • Eugenio Taboada


Barrero, Alejandro. Elia, Octavio Uriel. Jimenez, Ricardo. Rodriguez, Leandro Sebastian - RacingRun Press Kit - Desarrollo de Videojuegos III- 2018-12-13.zip 18 MB
RacingRunV1.0.apk 46 MB